Best Phaser Pedal

It’s surprising to see just how many guitarists actually use the phaser effect.  It is a very popular pedal, though it’s sound is often pigeonholed into one genre or the other.  But that’s the thing; it’s been employed across so many genres, but the fans of each don’t tend to here it elsewhere.  It’s actually an effect that was used in the 60’s during the psychedelic era then moved onto 80’s hard rock then grunge and even electronic music.

How do you choose the best phaser pedal?

We could go on about specs and such, but still taste accounts for most of what goes into choosing the pedal that is right for you.  Therefore, we rely here on the “taste” of our featured guitarists, basing our decision on what is considered the best phaser pedal on how many times it is featured on their pedalboards.

The Best Phaser Pedal

When it came to choosing the best phase pedal, there was really only one choice: the MXR M-101 Phase 90.  No other phaser pedal holds a candle to the M-101 in terms of popularity.  It’s been used prominently across many of the genres mentioned above.  Even barring the variations of the Phase 90 (special edition and signature pedals closely based on this pedal), it still is far and away the most featured phaser pedal on the pedalboards of today’s top guitarist.

Here’s a quick rundown of exactly who has used, or is still using, the MXR Phase 90:

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