The Best Tremolo Pedal

The Best Tremolo Pedal: Factors

Deciding on what the “best” tremolo pedal out there is hard, if not completely impossible. Every pedal is different, and even more important, each guitarist is different. Still, for those not sure what to buy, but don’t want to be disappointed, we’re looking into what makes the best tremolo pedal, and we are considering:

  • Price (great value for the pedal)
  • Sound (The pedal shouldn’t need to be upgraded later on once you refine your sound)
  • Popularity (“the best tremolo pedal” is used by many artists, showing that there is something there with that pedal. It also means it will be easier to replicate those artists’ sounds.)

The Best Tremolo Pedal

Considering these factors, we would nominate the Boss TR-2 as the best tremolo pedal. Not only is it one of the most used pedals, but it also comes with a midrange price tag.

Best Tremolo Pedal Boss TR-2 Tremolo PedalThe classic Boss TR-2 Tremolo Pedal creates real vintage tremolo guitar sounds and variations. Built-in wave knob lets you alter the LFO waveform from triangle to square for a wider range of tremolo variations. Rate knob is a sweepable high-speed LFO control, allowing the Boss TR-2 greater control over tremolo speed.

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