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Jack White Pedalboard 2012-2013 (Blunderbuss Tour)

Jack White's 2012-2013 pedalboard, used during tour promoting his solo record, Blunderbuss, is very similar to his Dead Weather pedalboard. Noticeable differences, other that slight order changes, is that the ZVexx Wooly Mammoth appears to be plugged in (where previously it remained unplugged, probably Read more [...]

Bass Effect on the Raconteurs’ “Salute Your Solution”

Jack White's solo on the Raconteurs' "Salute Your Solution" has a distinct effect. This effect is provided by his Electroharmonix Nano Bassballs, a leftover on his pedalboard from his 2-piece band days. Not to be outdone, Jack's Bassballs is customize, with snazzy copper finish, courtesy of Analog Read more [...]