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Josh Homme 2013 Pedalboard

Take a look at Josh Homme's latest pedalboard below, followed by a list of pedals. Other than the Electro-Harmonix POG and Crybaby Q-Zone, there are very few pedals used as consistently throughout his character (from what can gather from the images of his pedalboards we've collected). Source: Read more [...]

Best Phaser Pedal

It's surprising to see just how many guitarists actually use the phaser effect.  It is a very popular pedal, though it's sound is often pigeonholed into one genre or the other.  But that's the thing; it's been employed across so many genres, but the fans of each don't tend to here it elsewhere.  It's Read more [...]

Best Delay Pedal

How does one choose the best delay pedal? Everyone has their individual needs for sound, ease of use, or even just familiarity. Still, the deciding factor, for us anyways, is definitely the number of times we see it on an artist's pedalboard. For this list, we tried to stick to strickly delay-type Read more [...]