Eddie Vedder’s Ukulele

Eddie Vedder’s Ukulele Brand

Eddie Vedder's Ukulele

Eddie Vedder's Ukulele: Custom Tenor Tululele by Earnest Instruments.

With the release of Eddie Vedder’s solo outing, Ukulele songs, the question on many guitarists mind is: where do I get my own version of Eddie Vedder’s Ukulele. Apparently, Eddie Vedder’s Ukulele is a Tululele brand, made by Earnest Instruments.


Eddie Vedder’s Ukulele is a Custom Tenor Tululele, built specially for him. However, Tululele offers other very nice models (I particularly like them in sunburst and seafoam green). Anyone trying to get a similar sound to that of Eddie Vedder’s Ukulele should definitely consider the “Tenor” factor when purchasing.

Similar to Eddie Vedder’s Ukulele

The Tululele ukes are actually very affordable, if not considering getting your own custom made one. Still, for many of you guitarists out there who are visiting this site, you’re probably getting a ukulele to interpret a few songs, and not record your own full length record. There are cheaper alternatives out there that have the “guitar” look that Eddie Vedder’s ukulele has, as well as good quality for the price. An interesting option would be the Epiphone Concert Ukulele, which can be found new for about 100$.

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