Josh Homme Pedals – Queens of the Stone Age Distortion

Josh Homme Pedals

Josh Homme pedals are an essential part of that Queens of the Stone Age sound. He also brings many of these effects other bands he’s in such as Them Crooked Vultures. Distortion is a signature sound to the Queens of the Stone Age. So, what Josh Homme pedals are essential for creation that Queens of the Stone Age distortion, in particular?

Josh Homme Pedals for distortion

Three pedals in particular infuse the guitar with orverdrive, while a fourth could be complementing those effects with an important boost.

The first pedal is the most familiar to many, a Boss SD-1, offer a dependable, standard overdrive.

Smart People Factory Overdrive
The second is much more obscure pedal, from a unique group of folks in Washington (state), called Smart People Factory.
josh homme pedals

Fulltone Fat-Boost

ZVex Super Hard-On
The ZVex Super Hard-On is the boost pedal mentioned above, and is another one of those unique Josh Homme pedals. It can be a great compliment to natural and effects-based overdrive.

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