Mike McCready Gear Update – Pedalboards by Era and Delay Pedals

Mike McCready Gear Additions

Our Mike McCready gear page is definitely one of our most popular pages. An update has been long overdue.

Mike McCready Gear by Era

The most important change to our Mike McCready gear page is the separation of the list among three distinct eras of pedalboard configurations. The first board is the final configuration that was gradually built up to the Binaural era, which include all the pedals necessary to replicate sounds as of their first album, Ten, and based of off an official, detailed list for the Yield tour.

Mike McCready Gear Changes

One of the most important changes regarding effects is the replacement of the Boss delay pedals with the Line 6 DL4 Delay pedal.  The delay was an important piece of Mike McCready gear, and its replacement is notable.

Mike McCready Gear
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