Trey Anastasio’s Pedalboard – Phish

This list has been complied from multiple online sources and images.  It , much like the artist’s board, is a work in progress.

Trey Anastasio’s gear is often hard to pin down, or even find, if you’re trying to replicate his sound.  It relies as much on the pedalboard as it does on his rack and amps.


  • Tremolo Control
  • Boomerang Phrase Sampler
  • Digitech Whammy II
  • 2 Keely Modded Ibanez TS-9 (The link below is the original, non-modded pedal)
  • Dunlop Original Cry Baby (GCB-95 Wah)
  • Fender Amp Switch
  • Bradshaw Buttons
  • Boss FS-5L
  • Boss FS-5U
  • Goff Trek II
  • Ernie Ball Volume Pedal


  • Furman Power Conditioner
  • Korg DTR2 Tuner
  • Ibanez DM2000 Delay
  • Custom Audio Electronics (CAE) Super Tremolo
  • Custom Audio Electronics (CAE) Black Cat Vibe
  • Alesis NanoVerb (x2)
  • Alesis MicroVerb I
  • Custom Audio Electronics (CAE) 4×4 Switcher

Amps and speakers

  • Mesa Boogie mkIII
  • Custom Audio Electronics 3+ SE preamp (early 1990s – 1997)
  • Groove Tubes power amp (early 1990s – 1997)
  • Bruno 4×12 Speaker Cabinet
  • Paul Langeudoc Custom 2×12 Cabs
  • Hard Truckers “Fatty” 2×12 Hemp Cab (with KOA Trim)
  • Leslie 122 rotating speaker