Save Money on Guitar Gear: Buy Strings in Bulk

Here’s a tip for you frugal guitarists out there; buy your strings in bulk. Many online retailers feature 12 packs of strings of a single size. Buy six different sizes for a full dozen sets, and double up on the strings that tend break often, such as the high E. That way, you won’t have to open up a new pack everytime you break a string.

Rogue P10 Bulk 12 Pack 010 Plain Steel Electric Guitar Strings

Gauge .010, Plain Steel – Acoustic or ElectricThese are the same guitar strings Rogue uses in prepackaged retail sets. What’s the difference? We package 12 strings of the same gauge in airtight vinyl bags with a packet of silica gel to protect against unwanted moisture, so they last longer than typical string sets. We also pack these bulk strings in big, loose coils to avoid compressing or stretching the windings, so they sound better than tightly coiled strings. Rogue Strings are made for us exclusively by a famous manufacturer, employing the finest materials and the latest manufacturing methods.