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Tom Morello Gear

Tom Morello might not be today's best guitarist, be he is arguably one of the most innovative.  That is also why we decided to profile Tom Morello gear on this website. Always searching for a new sound he can make, he dares to include them into his songs, but what is more impressive is just how well Read more [...]

Metallica Pedals: Kirk Hammett’s Custom Dunlop Crybaby in an Ernie Ball Volume Pedal

Metallica Pedals - Kirk Hammett Wah Pedal For that Metallica pedals sound, don't trust your eyes if take a glance at Kirk Hammett's pedalboard. His Wah pedal is a bit of a Frankenstein, made up of an exterior casing completely different from the components inside. Metallica Pedals - Kirk Hammett's Read more [...]

Pearl Jam’s Mike McCready Pedals: 1998 Yield Era Guitar Pedalboard and effects

During the release of their 2002 Album Riot Act, Sony music posted on their website the full details on the gear the boys in Pearl Jam used to create the album.  Also posted was their stage set-up as of 1998 (which coincides with their return to steady touring following the release of Yield). According Read more [...]