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Jack White Gear Updated, Now With New Octave Pedals

Our Jack White gear page is one of our most popular profiles, and with the advent of his latest solo recording, it was high time for an updated list.  One of the most important additions was to his essential octave effect, which he uses to fill in the bass portions when he performs as a guitar and drum Read more [...]

John Mayer Gear – Micro Synth on “Where the Light Is”

The John Mayer gear page just went through a major update, adding in two of the latest peeks at his pedalboard configuration, dating back to early in his career and as recent as 2010. As you may know, John changes his pedalboard very often, at least on every tour. Keeping up with what changes can Read more [...]

Coldplay’s “Violet Hill” Guitar Sound: Jonny Buckland’s Micro-Pog

Coldplay's distinct sound does lie only in Chris Martin's songwriting; it has a lot to do with guitarist Jonny Buckland's talent and effects. On the song "Violet Hill", Jonny Buckland's solo is accentuated by a distinct sound. That sound is provided in part by his Electro Harmonix Micro-Pog Octave Read more [...]