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Coldplay songs using Jonny Buckland’s ProCo Rat

Jonny Buckland most used distortion pedal is the ProCo Rat. Unfortunately, the model he uses is currently discontinued (although the ProCo Rat 2 is available in stores). According to an essential Jonny Buckland fan site, the Buckland Religion, Jonny has uses the ProCo Rat on, but not limited to, Read more [...]

Coldplay’s “Violet Hill” Guitar Sound: Jonny Buckland’s Micro-Pog

Coldplay's distinct sound does lie only in Chris Martin's songwriting; it has a lot to do with guitarist Jonny Buckland's talent and effects. On the song "Violet Hill", Jonny Buckland's solo is accentuated by a distinct sound. That sound is provided in part by his Electro Harmonix Micro-Pog Octave Read more [...]

Jonny Buckland (Coldplay) Overdrive Pedal: OCD Fulltone

Being such an essential part of any rock guitarists' pedalboard, there is also such a diverse choice of distortion/overdrive pedals. Jonny Buckland of Coldplay uses a unique overdrive, the OCD Obsessive Compulsive Drive by Fulltone. Like many artists, it's not his only distortion, as he also uses a Read more [...]