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Best Reverb Pedal

What makes the best reverb pedal? There are many factors, but it mostly depends on what you plan on doing with it. Are you looking to play Reverb-drenched Surf music, à la Dick Dale? Maybe you're building your own "wall of sound"? You might probably want to try to replicate your favorite artist's. Best Read more [...]

Jonny Greenwood Gear Updated

Jonny Greenwood Gear Additions We posted a major update to our Jonny Greenwood gear profile, which now includes much more gear as well as many more precisions to his pedal settings. We've also added to the Jonny Greenwood gear page accessories such as strings, his KAOSS Pad used to sampled Thom's vocals Read more [...]

Johnny Greenwood’s Radiohead Pedals: Digital Delay

BOSS RV-3 Digital Reverb/Delay Reverb/Delay is an essential part of Johnny Greenwood's sound. Unfortunately, the Boss RV-3 is no longer in production. However, Boss does make an update RV-5, for a similar sound (purists can attempt to find one on eBay!). Meanwhile, Radiohead released today there Read more [...]