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Mike McCready’s 2013 Pedalboard

Mike McCready and Pearl Jam just don't stop.  They are coming off a major 20th anniversary tour, but are continuing to play a few dates since the launch of that tour two years ago.  The Mike McCready pedalboard has been very active as well, as it seems it has even changed since the beginning of the Read more [...]

Best Delay Pedal

How does one choose the best delay pedal? Everyone has their individual needs for sound, ease of use, or even just familiarity. Still, the deciding factor, for us anyways, is definitely the number of times we see it on an artist's pedalboard. For this list, we tried to stick to strickly delay-type Read more [...]

Stone Gossard Gear – Guitar Pedal Delay Effects

There have been many changes in Stone Gossard gear throughout the years. While mainly taking care of rhythm guitar for Pearl Jam, there is a wide spectrum of effects found in the effects found in Stone Gossard gear.  In fact, he seems to employ more effects, and also change them much more frequently, Read more [...]

Mike McCready Gear Update – Pedalboards by Era and Delay Pedals

Mike McCready Gear Additions Our Mike McCready gear page is definitely one of our most popular pages. An update has been long overdue. Mike McCready Gear by Era The most important change to our Mike McCready gear page is the separation of the list among three distinct eras of pedalboard configurations. Read more [...]

“Given to Fly” Guitar Effect: Mike McCready of Pearl Jam’s Univibe

Ever want to get that great riff from "Given to fly" down right? Here's the gear that you need to get that exact "vibe" effect. Dunlop Univibe Chorus Vibrato Technically, this pedal appears just before the pedalboard, and into which the original guitar signal is entered (through wireless, of course). Read more [...]

Pearl Jam’s Mike McCready Pedals: 1998 Yield Era Guitar Pedalboard and effects

During the release of their 2002 Album Riot Act, Sony music posted on their website the full details on the gear the boys in Pearl Jam used to create the album.  Also posted was their stage set-up as of 1998 (which coincides with their return to steady touring following the release of Yield). According Read more [...]

What Guitar Strings Do They Use? Mike McCready, Stone Gossard and Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam

Naturally, musician's find their sound through the gear in their rig such their amps, their effects pedals and their guitars. Still, did you ever wonder what today's top musician's use as guitar strings? Do they purchase top of the line strings? Do they use a heavy gauge or a light gauge? When it Read more [...]

Guitar Pedal Comparison: Boss Blues Driver vs Ibanez Tube Screamer

With some many different manufacturers trying get exclusive placement on your pedal board, often times some models can be almost interchangeable between brands.  Although many will have their prefered brand, for the average hobbyist, there are many choices of pedals to get a similar sound. Two pedals Read more [...]

Pearl Jam Pedals : Mike McCready’s MXR Phase 90

Pearl Jam Pedals Pearl Jam are reissuing their classic debut album Ten this month (and what a reissue it will be!  take a look at the 4 vinyl edition!).  Many of you guitarists will be looking back to try to replicate the sound. A good place to start is to look a guitarist Mike McCready's rig.  Read more [...]