The Strokes Pedals – Nick Valensi’s Distortion / Overdrive

The Strokes Pedals for Distortion

Nick Valensi’s pedals are a driving force behind the the Strokes sound. Distortion is a major part of that, so these The Strokes pedals can help you replicate that sound.

A Few of The Strokes Pedals

These unique The Strokes pedals can be found on Nick Valensi’s pedalboard at one time.

Fulltone GT-500 Distortion/Booster

The Strokes Pedals  

Visual Sound Double Trouble dual overdrive

This distinct looking pedal is a feature among The Strokes pedals.

Visual Sound V2 Series V2DT Double Trouble Dual Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal

Maxon Distortion Master

Maxon DS830 Distortion Master

MXR Micro Amp Boost
While not a distortion pedal per se, these boost pedals are often used in conjunction with those types of pedals to increase their performance.

MXR M133 Micro Amp Boost Pedal  

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