Tom Morello Gear

Tom Morello might not be today’s best guitarist, be he is arguably one of the most innovative.  That is also why we decided to profile Tom Morello gear on this website.

Always searching for a new sound he can make, he dares to include them into his songs, but what is more impressive is just how well it works.  He makes music out of what otherwise could be considered as just noise.  And while he might not shred like the rest of them, he doesn’t have to, as his unique sound is even better.  This is what places along many other greats in Rolling Stones top 100 guitarists of all time.

Tom Morello Gear now added

We’ve added Tom Morello gear alongside our other pedalboard profiles recently.  One thing you will notice from this new addition is how little his pedalboard changes through years (actually, it almost never changes).  It isn’t either a pedalboard full of effects, nor does he rely heavily on boutique pedals.  His pedalboard is perhaps one of the accessible that we have ever profiled.  That does not mean his sound is easily attained however; much of his sound relies on a lot of practice with, among other things, controlling feedack.

Important Tom Morello Gear – Wah Pedal

The Wah effect is perhaps the most important effect on his pedalboard.  He’ll not only use it while strumming and picking, but he is also known to use it over feedback, when he uses his cable to touch his strings.  When it comes to wah pedals, he relies on the standard; the Dunlop Cry baby Wah Wah.  Out of every type of efffect, this pedal is perhaps the most ubiquitous.  No reason to stray from this classic if you’re in the market for a wah pedal.

Tom Morello Gear Dunlop Original Crybaby Wah Pedal
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