Trey Anastasio’s (Phish) New Pedal: Ross Compressor

As Phish gear up for their reunion tour, it appears Trey will be bringing back one of his classic pedals that will bring his back to it’s mid-90’s set-up.

According to Rolling Stone, fans were lamenting the loss of Trey’s tone from their peak touring days of the mid-90’s. Apperently, the change is due to having his Ross Compressor removed from the mix. Trey apparently no longer had his Ross Compressor, but would definitely bring it back if he were to get his hands on one. Well, fans pitched in and Trey will be bringing out this pedal during the upcoming reunion tour.

Beginning guitarists tend to gravitate more towards distortion and overdrive pedals, as they have the most apparent impact on sound. However, every serious guitarist, that doesn’t play with their guitar 100% drenched in distortion or overdrive, should have a compressor. These compressors even out the highs and lows, giving a smooth transition between picking and strumming, soloing and rythm. The tone is generally greatly improved.

Since Ross compressors aren’t that easy to get your hands on, you’ll have to do some searching to find something similar.  Read up on the type of compressors that match your guitar well. The Boss Compression Sustainer was suggested for hollow-bodied electrics, such as the one I play.

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