Keith Richards’ Pedalboard (The Rolling Stones)


Keith Richards is the living embodiment of Rock and Roll. His guitar playing looks both effortless yet all too cool. He put to tape some of the most iconic licks in rock history. His career has spanned decades.

Being active so long and through so many groundbreaking eras, Keith did not pick up too many effects on the way. The Keith Richards pedalboard is fairly bare bones, but that is not to say he doesn’t take care of his tone. He still relies heavily on the quality and settings on his guitar and amps. Still, there are a few treats to be found on the Keith Richards pedalboard which can only be delivered through guitar effects.

Because of his limited use of effects, there wasn’t much to be found in regards to pedals Keith Richards has used throughout the years but, as always, we strive to provide a most complete listing of stompboxes used throughout the years, and that is what you will find below

Keith Richards Pedalboard – What You Need To Know

If there is one effect anyone would pin on Keith Richards, its the fuzz effect, associated to his first and probably still most notable hit single with the Rolling Stones, (I can’t get no) Satisfaction. Keith has also used a bit of echo, as well as a clean boost and overdrive.

He also changed amps for a while, though he generally kept with the Fender Twin and Mesa Boogie.

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Keith Richards Pedalboard – Rolling Stone Pedals Through the Years

This is all we could gather for Keith Richards pedals.
PedalTTE Delay Effect Tube Tape EchoTS9 Tube ScreamerMaster Blaster Clean BoostMaestro Fuzz-Tone Fuzzbox
Alternative?Available NewAvailable New
ImageFulltone Tte Delay Effect Tube Tape EchoIbanez TS9 Tube Screamer Effects Pedal
Buy OnlineMusician's Friend
Musician's Friend
Guitar Center
American Musical Supply
INPUTTTE Delay Effect Tube Tape EchoTS9 Tube ScreamerMaster Blaster Clean BoostMaestro Fuzz-Tone Fuzzbox

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