Frugal Guitarists

Putting it simply, guitar gear is expensive. While some may enjoy playing the same guitar with the same, limited gear, but there are those of you (especially those who read this blog) who want to explore different sounds or attempt to replicate a particular artist’s sound. For latter, costs can add up fast, even to the point of making that sound unattainable.

Below you will find a few tips that will help reduce your need of gear, without sacrificing too much. These tips are for the frugal guitarist.

Tip #1: Bulk Strings in Bulk

Strings are an expensive recurring cost. Especially for those who love that bright sound that comes from having a new set of strings. Also, certain guitars (or guitarists) always seem to break the same string, which makes them break open new packages of strings to replace it.

To keep string costs down, consider buying them in bulk. Many sites online sell unpackaged 12-set packs of your favorite strings. Also think of adding to your order an additional dozen set of the particular string gauge that most often breaks.

Tip #2: Stick to the Essentials

Frugal does not mean cheap. We don’t want to sacrifice quality gear or sound, even on a budget. For the gear addicts out there, consider keeping your initial guitar pedal purchases to the most popular pedals. Firstly, the most popular pedals can be found on many pedalboards of the stars, and can be useful despite the evolving tastes of the guitarist. Also, changing tastes requires a complete change i gear, these pedals are more easily sold at a decent price, since these popular, quality pedals are searched for by many guitarists. view our article on the most popular pedals. Here is a short list of our favorites: Ibanez Tube Screamer

Dunlop CryBaby
Boss Tuner

Tip #3: Consider Pedal Amps

Getting a decent cab and head too much money for your budget? Consider using a microamp pedal. These pedals can replace a head, and are much lighter to lug around. It’s also much cheaper. It will allow you to buy a cab and use it right away, while squirreling away some dough for the cab for a later date.