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Guide for Frugal Guitarists: Power Amp Pedals

So, you've been dreaming about a particular cab and head, but don't have enough money to drop down for both. The Solution? Consider a pedal based amp, such as the Electro-Harmonix 22 Caliber Power Amp. Not only is it a much lighter solution for travelling, it's much cheaper and can substitute very Read more [...]

Coldplay’s “Violet Hill” Guitar Sound: Jonny Buckland’s Micro-Pog

Coldplay's distinct sound does lie only in Chris Martin's songwriting; it has a lot to do with guitarist Jonny Buckland's talent and effects. On the song "Violet Hill", Jonny Buckland's solo is accentuated by a distinct sound. That sound is provided in part by his Electro Harmonix Micro-Pog Octave Read more [...]

“Given to Fly” Guitar Effect: Mike McCready of Pearl Jam’s Univibe

Ever want to get that great riff from "Given to fly" down right? Here's the gear that you need to get that exact "vibe" effect. Dunlop Univibe Chorus Vibrato Technically, this pedal appears just before the pedalboard, and into which the original guitar signal is entered (through wireless, of course). Read more [...]

Jonny Buckland’s (Coldplay) Guitar Effects: E-Bow

One of the most distinct sound of this decade (00's) come from Coldplay. Although Chris Martin may be the brains behind the song, the sound is really created live onstage by Coldplay guitarist Jonny Buckland. One of the most distinct sounds comes from his use of the Electronic Bow (E-Bow), which can Read more [...]