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Jonny Buckland Gear page updated to include 3 pedalboards

Jonny Buckland has one of the hottest guitar tones and sounds today.  His sound is perhaps even one of the most heard today, with so many Coldplay hits under under his belt.  Their unique sound spawned a subgenre of its own, with many coldplay clones coming out of the woodwork after they broke out. Read more [...]

Best Delay Pedal

How does one choose the best delay pedal? Everyone has their individual needs for sound, ease of use, or even just familiarity. Still, the deciding factor, for us anyways, is definitely the number of times we see it on an artist's pedalboard. For this list, we tried to stick to strickly delay-type Read more [...]

Jonny Buckland’s (Coldplay) Guitar Effects: E-Bow

One of the most distinct sound of this decade (00's) come from Coldplay. Although Chris Martin may be the brains behind the song, the sound is really created live onstage by Coldplay guitarist Jonny Buckland. One of the most distinct sounds comes from his use of the Electronic Bow (E-Bow), which can Read more [...]