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Best Phaser Pedal

It's surprising to see just how many guitarists actually use the phaser effect.  It is a very popular pedal, though it's sound is often pigeonholed into one genre or the other.  But that's the thing; it's been employed across so many genres, but the fans of each don't tend to here it elsewhere.  It's Read more [...]

Best Overdrive Pedal

When looking at the number of "best pedal" posts we published in the last year, it might be surprising to you to notice that we haven't done the best overdrive pedal yet. You could say we are saving the best for last, but it's more like we are saving the most obvious for last. Why is it obvious? If you're Read more [...]

Best Compressor Pedal

We've scoured many pedalboards and artist pedal listings to bring to you what we consider the best compressor pedal. Compression is such a subtle effect, though so many artists depend on compressor pedals for their particular tone.  Compression is generally heavily used in recording mixing, though Read more [...]

Best Chorus Pedal

The latest in our series of today's best guitar pedals is the chorus pedal.  The best chorus pedal was very hard to choose, which is why we came up with two options.  The general feeling we get when scanning pedal reviews is that there are two preferences in terms of chorus effects, which many don't Read more [...]

Best Reverb Pedal

What makes the best reverb pedal? There are many factors, but it mostly depends on what you plan on doing with it. Are you looking to play Reverb-drenched Surf music, à la Dick Dale? Maybe you're building your own "wall of sound"? You might probably want to try to replicate your favorite artist's. Best Read more [...]

Best Delay Pedal

How does one choose the best delay pedal? Everyone has their individual needs for sound, ease of use, or even just familiarity. Still, the deciding factor, for us anyways, is definitely the number of times we see it on an artist's pedalboard. For this list, we tried to stick to strickly delay-type Read more [...]

Best Tuner Pedal : PolyTune Chromatic Tuner

What is the best tuner pedal? There are many difference factors that one would consider when trying to find the best tuner pedal out there. In terms of popularity and proven durability and quality, the Boss TU-3 would win hands down. Innovation Makes The Best Tuner Pedal But with the launch of TC Read more [...]

The Best Tremolo Pedal

The Best Tremolo Pedal: Factors Deciding on what the "best" tremolo pedal out there is hard, if not completely impossible. Every pedal is different, and even more important, each guitarist is different. Still, for those not sure what to buy, but don't want to be disappointed, we're looking into what Read more [...]