Stone Gossard Gear – Guitar Pedal Delay Effects

There have been many changes in Stone Gossard gear throughout the years. While mainly taking care of rhythm guitar for Pearl Jam, there is a wide spectrum of effects found in the effects found in Stone Gossard gear.  In fact, he seems to employ more effects, and also change them much more frequently, than his lead guitar colleague in Pearl Jam, Mike McCready.  It makes following the evolution pedalboards a bit more interesting than Mike McCready’s but both still remain every bit as essential to the Pearl Jam sound.

Take a look at his pedalboards throughout the years found on the Stone Gossard gear page, linked below.

Stone Gossard Gear Details -Delay

One of the most important effects for Stone Gossard is delay. Let’s take a closer look at what he is using and what he had used in the past for this effect.

Stone Gossard Gear for Delay Effects

Stone Gossard may have changed pedals throughout the many Pearl Jam albums, one pedal stayed pretty consistently among the Stone Gossard gear: the Boss DD-3 Digital Delay.

Boss DD-3 Digital Delay Pedal
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The Boss DD-3 stayed on his pedalboard up until the Binaural era. However, it was switched out during the “Avocado” era (i.e. the Self-Titled album). It’s replacement? the new go-to delay pedal, Line 6’s DL4 Delay.  This pedal now has a new place in Stone Gossard gear.

Stone Gossard Gear Line 6 DL4 Delay Guitar Effects Pedal
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This isn’t the first time this pedal has replaced another delay pedal, as The Line 6 DL4 is quickly becoming the standard for today’s professional guitarists, from the Foo Fighters to Coldplay to Noel Gallagher. If the trend continues, or even it remains as is, this pedal will known to be a great investment, with so many artists now using it.

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